NDN Foundation Grantmaking

Grantmaking Programs

$250,000 unrestricted grants to Indigenous-led community-based organizations working in Canada, the United States, the Islands of Puerto Rico and Hawaii, and Mexico to defend, develop, and/or decolonize Indigenous people and our homelands.

$250,000 unrestricted, multi-year grants to Indigenous-led grantmaking bodies across North America to support continued project-based, diversified funding to Indigenous-led organizations

technical Assistance and Support

NDN staff will provide individualized coaching to grantees to help them determine how to best utilize and leverage the unrestricted grant.

NDN staff will facilitate peer learning sessions for grantees once per quarter for each program area (defense, development, decolonization) to encourage learning and collaboration amongst grantees.

NDN staff will facilitate introductions to relevant funders for current grantees to support them in building and sustaining relationships with other funders.

Grantees will be required to participate in a mid-cycle conversation with NDN staff and submit a final report for their grant. The mid-cycle conversation will be led by the Director of Grantmaking to better understand how they are utilizing the funds and any successes and/or challenges grantees have faced to date. The final report will be an opportunity for grantees to share how they utilized the funds to further their organization’s Theory of Change and contribute to the defense, development, and decolonization of Native people in a way that is equitable and just for all people and the planet.

NDN Foundation grants will prioritize the cultural aspects of the organizations we support. This includes recognizing the need and importance of gathering around food for cultural events, ceremonies as a form of community engagement, spiritual leaders as experts in the communities they serve, the prestige and importance of medicine men and women, and the time between solstice and harvest needed to honor the time of ceremonies.

In service of building the capacity of all applicants regardless of funding decisions, NDN staff will provide clear, comprehensive, transparent guidelines to help applicants submit strong, competitive applications. Organizations that do not advance will receive feedback as to why they were not selected and how they might improve their positioning for future funding opportunities.


This opportunity is open to organizations working in the defense, development, and/or decolonization of Indigenous people who meet the following criteria:


Organization in Canada, the United States, the Islands of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa, and Mexico.


100% of Board of Directors and 70% of staff are Indigenous people


Demonstrated accountability to the community/communities served.

Ability to defend, develop, and/or decolonize Indigenous people and communities.

Ability to work across NDN interest areas of defend, develop, decolonize, with the  strongest applicants working in all three.

Commitment to self-determination as demonstrated by an ability to determine and work towards their community’s top priorities.

Demonstrated ability to effectively utilize and/or leverage large, unrestricted grant

Alignment with NDN Collective’s cultural values and norms, including:

The interconnectedness of all things

Indigenous self-determination

Equity and justice for all people and the planet

Open Opportunity

Community Self-Determination Grants

Invitation only

Native Funding Infrastructure Grants

No application. Organizations will be approached by NDN Collective to understand if they are interested in receiving an unrestricted grant and talk through the opportunity together.

Organizations interested in receiving funding will be required to submit the information required to process the grant.